Dear Residents;

The reality of Covid-19 is edging ever closer to us with confirmed cases in Wabash County today. The numbers of confirmed Covid-19 cases are rising everywhere in the United States as is the death toll. We continue to learn that isolation and social distancing is best practice. While you are asked to refrain from leaving the campus we do encourage you to enjoy the beauty of the campus and get fresh air while practicing social distancing. Make use of Timbercrest staff for transportation to medically necessary appointments and for your shopping needs. Please do not jeopardize your health and the health of others in our community.

Beginning next week both local medical clinics will offer virtual medical visits and our staff is able to assist you as needed. More information will come from your medical provider.

Last but not least, you need to know that Timbercrest has taken action today to create a specific area where residents diagnosed with Covid-19 will be cared for when needed. This also involves the temporary relocation of residents within Health Care and O wing. We thank our residents and their families for being understanding and supportive of our efforts to be prepared.

Allow me to end with words shared among my deaconess community ….

Refuse Fear; Remain Generous; Stay Faithful; Be a Community – Care about Others.

For reliable information on COVID-19 and other topics visit the following links:

Center for Disease Control

World Health Organization

CDC Handwashing Guidelines