With a rich foundation in the Church of the Brethren and in service to people, Timbercrest strives to make all residents feel welcomed, cared for, and at home.

The staff at Timbercrest – from those in food service to nursing care to housekeeping – all make up the greater Timbercrest family. This team of people work together to continue making Timbercrest a better place to live and work.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read more about our history, our staff, and our church affiliation. Learn more about us, and then come for a visit!

Highly Rated Organization

Timbercrest is highly rated by state and federal governments. The Nursing Home Compare rating system established by the United States government reflects data like annual inspections, staffing ratios and patterns, and quality measures. As skilled care facilities vary significantly in the quality of care and services they provide, the star rating enables you to compare Timbercrest with other similar organizations. Timbercrest has always achieved the highest ratings of four or five stars. We encourage you to be informed. ​Visit the Medicare.gov website​ to compare Timbercrest with other area organizations.

Indiana uses a report card system to provide a similar comparison. In this system the lower the numeric score the better. Timbercrest consistently ranks in the top 10% of Indiana long term care organizations due to excellent inspection results. The Indiana Report Card system can be accessed here.

Our ​Vision​ is that adults will age successfully in all aspects of their lives; physically, psychologically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Our Mission

Our ​Mission​ is to be an innovative, collaborative and trustworthy resource that enables adults to experience aging with peace of mind.

TIMBERCREST is a not-for-profit charitable organization providing independent and congregate residential living and comprehensive personal care and health care services to older adults.

TIMBERCREST exists to provide a loving and enriching community through its Christian values and heritage. These underlying values are emphasized in all aspects of the organization, from broad policy decisions by the Board of Directors to day-to-day interactions among staff and residents. The dignity and the wholeness of each individual is the primary focus, with the facilities, the environment, the programming, and the staffing designed to meet physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

TIMBERCREST is designed to be attractive and affordable to residents with a wide range of financial resources. TIMBERCREST also provides charitable assistance to residents with insufficient funds, within the bounds of TIMBERCREST’S financial resources and security.