Festival of Trees

Greetings from Timbercrest!

As summer draws to a close I want to touch base with all our faithful Festival of Trees participants. 2020 at Timbercrest has looked significantly different than our usual, as I am sure it has for you as well. Unfortunately, as we try to create a new, and hopefully temporary normal here, we had to reevaluate the Festival of Trees and how it exposes those that live and work here. We love the day, and it brings an aura of magic to the Timbercrest halls that both residents and staff look forward to all year. Our halls are beautifully adorned and we relish the opportunity to bring the outside community in to our home.

However, with visitor restrictions still in place, we have to join the long list of events that have been cancelled or postponed to reduce the risk of illness. We are hopeful that we can continue this exciting tradition next year, and can’t wait to host you again.

Please contact Heather Cruz with any questions.

260-982-2118 or [email protected]